I delight in sharing the nurturing space of high-quality meditation. Oftentimes meditation consists of little more that closing one’s eyes. The stream of thinking and feeling continues pretty much as it does in daily life. If anything meditation can intensify our preoccupation with the mind. The intention of real mediation is to take us beyond the mind, into a space of deep serenity and effortless contentment. Things flip into cruise control. Together we ride the still point where thoughts continually dissolve before they take any specific form.

I promise you that you will improve the high-quality meditation during our session together. I will make subtle and gentle interventions to support your entry into natural meditation and effortless rest in deep, centerless awareness.

These sessions are ideal for people who want to begin a meditation practice or reinvigorate a practice which has become stale or burdensome.

Ideally we will have one session a week for 45 minutes. If this isn’t possible, we can do a session every 2 weeks.

If you would like to enroll please email Peter.

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